Custom Perfume Packaging: Things You Need To Know

Custom Perfume packaging are basically perfume bottles that you can customize as per your desired shape and size, with your brand name and logo on it. These perfume bottles are designed in such a way that they store and protect your perfume in an intact way for an extended period safely without any leakage. These bottles are designed in such a way that they serve their purpose effectively, and at the same time they are aesthetically pleasing.

However, there are a few things that you need to consider while ordering bottles for your brand perfume. Mentioned below are a few of them.

What is the correct bottle and cap for your brand?


Choosing the right kind of bottle and cap is very necessary for your perfume business, because the bottles that you choose form the base of attracting a broad target audience. More and more people would go for visually appealing perfume bottles finished off with classy and tight caps, no matter how good the perfume inside is. They would seldom even try the perfume packed in a boring looking plain bottle. Also make sure that the cap of the bottle is air-tight, only then it can save the perfume from leaking.


How to make your perfume packaging stand out of the crowd?


Various factors are to be kept in mind while choosing your perfume packaging. Some of the facts that mainly govern your decision are as described-


  • Visually Attractive: The packaging should be pleasing to the eyes. The design should be engaging to instantly attract the customers. The more beautiful and out of the box the design would seem, the more customers would pick your product from the shelves. So, the looks of your perfume packaging will have a wide-ranging positive effect on your brand.
  • Effortless Packaging: Apart from being catchy, the perfume bottle that you choose should also be easy to open and close. Available in different sorts of shapes, sizes, and patterns, the one that you choose should be classy, elegant, easy to operate, and easy to carry too.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: The more we develop, the more we become conscious about sustainability and the safety of our environment. Reusable and sustainable packaging are the kind of options opted for by most of the people. So make sure that your perfume has environment-friendly packaging. This will pose you as a responsible brand in the market, and people will buy your products without any guilt.
  • Originality: Do not try to create a replica of a branded product by packaging it in a bottle similar to theirs. Be original and offer your customers something that’s unique to you. Instead of copying another brand, create your own brand by giving your customers that’s they have never seen.


Therefore, these are some of the essential features that you should look into before hopping to your perfume packaging. The packaging is that crucial step of marketing that decides whether your product is market-ready and original or not.


What are the different designs for perfume bottles?



  • Elegantly cased perfume bottles: These kinds of perfume bottles’ designs are simple but way classy. The most important feature of these kinds of bottles is that they are leak-proof and hardy, due to which they are good for gifting or transportation purposes.
  • Lady shaped perfume bottles: These are some funky designs for the packaging of your perfume bottles. These are shaped in the form of a lady. With light and subtle colors, this kind of shape is very popular among the audience.
  • Metallic finish perfume bottles: These kinds of perfume bottles have a sturdy design and a smooth finish. Mostly the men’s perfumes are packaged in such bottles. These metallic finishes can be available in any shape, be it an oval, square, rectangle, etc.
  • Hand-painted perfume bottles: These kinds of perfume bottles are exceptionally handcrafted by artisans. You can order your personalized design for these bottles too. They have their sense of individuality and give a completely different vibe to your target audience. You can opt for even more processing for your bottles, such as UV coating, painting, polish, frosting, hotstamping, silkscreen printing, etc.

The bottle and the cap. How do they match?


The bottle and the cap for customized perfume bottles should be mixed and matched to make it look attractive yet functional. Various caps can be used with perfume bottles to make them look well co-coordinated. Caps can be simple screw caps, mist sprayers, atomizers, or they may have a fitted pump or spray in them. Most of the perfume bottles have spray or pump caps in them for easy application. They have to be leak-proof to avoid any spillage, and they can also be made child-proof so that children cannot open the cap without your help.

Wooden caps are sturdy in design and have a high density. They are most liked by people because of their elegance and sustainability. They last very long and give a good covering to your bottle. Acrylic bottle caps can also be preferred for perfume bottles for their color blending texture and transparency. They are super light in weight, thus making the perfume bottles extremely portable. Apart from these, caps can also be made with PP, ABS, aluminium, K-resin, surlyn, or zamac, depending on the look and performance you want. Match the perfect kind of cap with your customized perfume bottles and solve your purpose well.

Introduction of Esan – The manufacturer of customized perfume


Yiwu EsanPacking Co. Ltd is a renowned supplier of perfume bottles and caps based in China. With years of experience, 10,000 sq. meters of warehouse and over 4,000 bottle designs to choose from, this company is really trustworthy. With strict quality check procedures in use, the company makes sure that their clients receive the highest quality of perfume bottles, no matter what. They can also handle custom orders from their clients, as per their individual needs and expectations. With regular designs being added in their inventory, you have a whole lot of options to choose from.

Delivering products to over 60 countries across the globe, they offer guarantee on timely delivery. If you are not sure, you can place a small order for now, and go for a bigger order only whe you are satisfied. They accept OEM and ODM orders as well. So, if you are looking for recyclable glass bottles in custom shapes and designs, then Esan can be the ultimate destination for you.

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