Our Perfume Bottle Production Diary April

Our Perfume Bottle Production Diary

Welcome to our perfume bottle factory! Here, we are busy producing all kinds of perfume bottles every day. Let’s take a look at our production.

Times Photos Description
2024-4-10 FM-H 1345 Single Mixed Single OPP 100/bag 500/pc
2024-4-10 PT889D-30ML-01 Warehouse stock 30000 12/box


Orders at a glance

At our factory, we receive up to 100 orders of perfume bottles every day, covering a wide range of bottles from classic styles to the latest designs. Our team is working at full capacity to fulfill these orders to ensure that each and every perfume bottle is delivered to our customers on time and in good quality.


Production Process

Our production process begins with design. Our designers create one-of-a-kind perfume bottle designs based on customer needs and market trends. Next, these designs are sent to our production line where our craftsmen bring them to life using the highest quality materials.


Product Highlights

Our product highlight is our limited edition perfume bottle. This perfume bottle is made of a beautiful glass material with a delicate gold floral inlay on the bottle and a cap made of solid gold. This perfume bottle is not just a container, but a work of art.


New Product Outlook

At our factory, we are always looking for new design inspiration. Our designers innovate our products based on various elements such as nature, art and fashion. Each new perfume bottle design is a reflection of our pursuit of beauty and insistence on quality.

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