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1.Company presentation video
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Pujiang factory
Yiwu showroom
Market store
Supply Chain
Bottle process
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4.Quality inspection video

Welcome to [Esan Bottle], the leading manufacturer of luxury perfume bottles. Our bottles are crafted with the finest materials and are designed to be the perfect complement to your favorite scent. Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen have perfected the art of creating beautiful and unique bottles that are sure to make a statement.We know that when it comes to perfume, it’s all about the presentation. That’s why we’ve put so much time and effort into creating our bottles. Each one is unique, with its own special design that will make your perfume stand out. We use only the best materials and craftsmanship to ensure that our bottles are of the highest quality.We understand that you want your perfume to look as good as it smells. That’s why we offer a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something more modern, we have the perfect bottle for you. Our bottles are designed to make a statement and will be sure to turn heads.When you purchase one of our bottles, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality available. We stand behind our products and guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. So go ahead, make a statement with one of our luxurious perfume bottles today.

esan bottle promotional video

Automatic printing machine

esan bottle demonstration video 2

The art of industry + music. 10,000 molds

Post-production emissions and transfers

Automation process of screen printing

God's perspective on our factory

The process of making glass pull tube bottle in perfume bottle factory

Strict quality management system to produce glass perfume bottles

bottle dropper accessories production process

Perfume bottles are actually made of sand?

Manufacturing process of rubber-tipped drippers

Factory live broadcast of glass bottle spraying process

perfume bottle cap accessories production

tube glass bottle production factory

Perfume Glass bottle printing workshop

Outside view of glass bottle factory

E&san 24000 square meters Aerial view of perfume bottle factory

Esanbottle Show room and service team Central

Pujiang Liangze Cosmetic Technology Co., Ltd. factory live

Perfume bottle mold making and quality inspection system

perfume Glass bottle production workshop real shot

Yiwu Internationnal market esan perfume bottle shop display

10.16 2022 20GP Mexico MANZANILLO Custom made perfume bottle

20 GP Perfume Bottle Loading to Jeddah Sep 25th 2022

perfume bottle to Dubai Port, UAE Sep 25th 2022 20GP

Esan bottle2022 8.31 shipments to remember

40HQ to Russia Moscow Loading Sep 21st 2022

Loading Container to Kazakhstan Sep 5th 2022 - Esan bottle

perfume bottle Alcohol corrosion test

Esan bottle performs violent quality inspection on perfume bottles