We’ll be attending Cosmoprof Asia soon.

Nov 9, 2023

It’s time to introduce a range of innovative solutions and new product designs for the packaging market. I am confident that these new solutions will make a lasting positive difference. Now is the time to pack your bags, book your flights to Hong Kong and join us at Cosmoprof Asia! We’ll be at booth 11-F23 […]

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The automated process of pull tube screen printing

May 26, 2022

The automated process of pull tube screen printing – E&San  about our processPerfume Bottle Factory Achieves Automation with Tube Drawing and Screen PrintingAt Esan Perfume Bottle Factory, we are proud to announce a major milestone in our production process: the automation of tube drawing and screen printing. This process has enabled us to produce higher […]

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Perfume Bottle Manufacturer

E&San packing Co,Ltd is the leading manufacturer and supplier of glass perfume bottles. We have thousands of stocked perfume bottle models as well as customized packaging solutions for customers with specific requirements.

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